Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to pray to kaali maate.


I simply couldn't find a better description of the dance of kALi maate.. Just plug it in, close your outer eyes and she will open your inner ones for you. Its so beautifully composed that you will cry if she comes in front of your mind and stays there for even a second.
Play this music, close your eyes and try to imagine her. The higher the sincerity with which you try to imagine her, the more clear she appears to you. She is so beautiful, yet so wrathful. She is a mother to all that is / that will be good and also a nightmare to all that is / that will be evil. 

See her in front of your mind and while there she stands afloat glowing with divine wrath, knowledge and unconditional love, request her, pray to her with your head bowed and kneels down, to cleanse you of all evils. Pray to her and request to cleanse your heart and mind of evils like ill rotten thoughts, intoxicating habits like smoking, drinking and alike. Pray to her to make you equipped from within for whatever saadhana that you may wish to understake. Pray to her to help your saadhana to be a satsaadhana. Pray to her for concentration. Pray to her to help you become human again if have forgotten what it is to be human. Reiterate that you will see only that which is good, hear only that which is good, promote only that which is good and finally do only that which is good and live upto it. Remember, she will not help you if your thoughts are bad and are praying her to achieve bad things which are neither good for you nor for this world in this world or the next. If you approach her with evil intentions, remember, she will burn you from within. Feel her love, feel her motherly hands caressing you. Isn't she so unimaginably powerful, glowing with divine light, with a garland of blood painted heads and covered by severed hands of evils, full of divine knowledge so willing to be disseminated to the minds and hearts of those who submit and pray with sincerity.. Pray:
भयंकरि अभयंकरि निर्भयंकरि शक्तिस्वरूपिणि ज्नानानंदमयि दिव्यहासिनि ज्यॊतिरूपिणि जगज्जननि 
क्रुपया माम् पाहि मात्रु काळि ॥
दुष्टजीवालॊचनकाममनॆंद्रियज्नानाज्नानंधंतमॊर्नाशिनि सज्जीवालॊचनकाममनॆंद्रियज्नानानंदसत्सुपॊशिणि
क्रुपया माम् पाहि मात्रु काळि ॥
न काळि समॊ देविर्नकाळि समॊ मात्रुर्नकाळि समॊ गुरुर्नकाळि समॊबंधुर्नकाळि समॊ सखि
क्रुपया माम् पाहि मात्रु काळि ॥
May deVi kaaLi bless the good and burn the evil.

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